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Helping build a locally educated workforce for Greater New Orleans

Student interviewIt has recently been reported that less than 50% of all students who enroll today in public U.S. universities obtain their baccalaureate degree within 4 years. This failure is often attributed to poor preparation at the high-school level and the need of some to work full-time while pursuing a degree. However, the pursuit of a 4-year baccalaureate degree is also often detoured by the reluctance of students to enroll in an academic  course-load that translates into a 4-year degree, or by the failure to recognize the present-value of a college degree in a growing skilled workforce economy.

Students4HIGHER was founded to provide assistance and support to selected, qualified Student Scholars who desire to earn a baccalaureate degree in 4 years at a local, public university, and join a growing educated workforce.  This is accomplished through a proven three-pronged approach involving scholarship, mentorship and internship.

Scholarships provide financial support for education-related expenses, and require certain minimum course-loads and grades. Mentorships introduce role models who are currently pursuing similar academic degrees or who are in the workforce as a result of earning their degree. Internships serve as meaningful part-time employment while pursuing a degree, and also as an introduction to the educated workforce that is related to his or her chosen academic major.

Students4HIGHER brings together the philanthropic, business, alumni, and university communities… all of whom are stakeholders in building an educated workforce.


Mission Statement

Students4HIGHER is a private, not-for-profit initiative that assists qualified students enrolled in a public university to earn a baccalaureate degree in 4-years, through a combination of scholarship, mentorship and internship, that qualifies them to join an educated workforce.


The First-Gen Scholars Program targets first-generation college students (i.e. neither parent graduated from college), and utilizes the Students4HIGHER approach of scholarship, mentorship and internship, to help students earn their chosen bachelor degree in 4 years.




The Premier Scholars Program utilizes the Students4HIGHER approach of scholarship, mentorship and internship, coupled with a summer study abroad, and targets high-performing, local high-school graduates who wish to obtain a 4-year bachelor degree in an academic discipline that is of unique importance to the local community, and thereby develop strong interactions with business, industry and other local organizations.